Justice is Essential

New York City is facing compounding crises. A pandemic, a national reckoning over racial justice, looming mass evictions: all of these and more have upended life for New Yorkers across the city, putting the health of everyone at risk. Now, as we have always done in times of crisis, we are fighting to keep our city safe. Our staff are working tirelessly to defend the rights of clients and communities in danger. See what we have already done to protect those in need, and learn more about how you can help us today.

Meet Our Staff

We are sharing the incredible stories of our organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and our ongoing efforts to promote access to justice. Our 2,000 staff members have stepped up to meet the new challenges our city faces, working across all five boroughs to connect our clients to the services they need.

Learn more about our staff’s work and all of the legal first responders who are keeping our city safe today.

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You can help keep our city safe! Make a contribution today and see other ways you can support our work. You can also start a fundraiser and rally together with your friends and family to make an even bigger impact. Read up on some of our most recent victories, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on our latest work.

Keep Our City Healthy and Safe

Help our staff as they protect vulnerable New Yorkers across our city. Join our fight and make a gift now.

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