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We deliver justice in every borough, working tirelessly to make our city a better place.

Our Mission

The Legal Aid Society is built upon one simple but powerful belief: that no New Yorker should be denied the right to equal justice.

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Every day, in courthouses and communities across the city, we advocate for the rights of all New Yorkers. Start here to see how we can help you.

At the Legal Aid Society, we work towards increasing access to justice for low-income New Yorkers. Whether in the courtroom or in the community, we are tireless in our dedication to this mission.

Twyla Carter Attorney-in-Chief and Chief Executive Officer

Delivering Justice to a Diverse City

Join our team of experienced, dedicated social justice advocates, lawyers, and change agents.

Every individual who works with The Legal Aid Society is an essential part of our mission to deliver equal justice and racial equity. We are united by our values, and we work tenaciously to ensure that our clients receive the very best.

Justice in Every Borough

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Every day, The Legal Aid Society changes the lives of our clients with the help of our generous supporters. Stand with us.

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