Press Room Archive

May 2021

05/26/21 LAS Lauds Passage of Legislation to Provide Life-Saving Medication to Incarcerated People
05/25/21 LAS Calls on Cuomo to Immediately Enact Critical Bill for Survivors of Human Trafficking  
05/25/21 LAS Statement on the One-Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder
05/24/21 LAS Condemns SI Landlord Attorney for Using Racist Language in Eviction Filings
05/20/21 NYIFUP Urges Enactment of the Dignity Not Detention Act in New York State
05/20/21 National Coalition Calls on Officials to Protect Young People at Risk of Deportation
05/17/21 LAS 44th Annual Servant of Justice Awards Celebrated Resilience of Staff, BIPOC Communities
05/13/21 LAS Calls on DA Candidates to Overturn Convictions Involving Corrupt NYPD Officers
05/12/21 LAS, Defenders Call for Review of Cases Made by Three Recently Indicted NYPD Officers
05/12/21 LAS Statement on Vincent Schiraldi Becoming the next NYC DOC Commissioner
05/12/21 LAS Statement on Latest Nunez Independent Federal Monitor Report on Abuse in NYC Jails
05/11/21  LAS Analysis: NY is One of Only a Few States Without an Operational Rent Relief Program
05/10/21 LAS Wins Writ Securing Release of Wrongfully Convicted Client James Davis
05/05/21 LAS Statement on Albany Enacting the NY HERO Act
05/05/21 LAS Statement on Rent Guidelines Board’s Preliminary Vote
05/05/21 LAS, Advocates, Candidates Call on Albany to Pass “Good Cause Eviction” Legislation
05/04/21 Ahead of Rent Guidelines Board Preliminary Hearing, LAS Calls for Rent Rollback
05/04/21 Advocates Call for DOE Office to Support Students in Foster Care
05/04/21 LAS Calls on DAs to Vacate Convictions Where Corrupt NYPD Officers Played Essential Roles
05/03/21 LAS Statement on Statewide Residential Eviction Moratorium Legislation

April 2021

04/27/21 Advisory: Defenders Call to End Practices Depriving Black & Brown New Yorkers of Property
04/27/21 NYS Defenders, Advocates Reaffirm Call on Albany to Enact Comprehensive Parole Reforms
04/24/21 LAS Statement on Legislation to Extend New York State’s Residential Eviction Moratorium
04/22/21 LAS Wins Reversal for Brooklynite James Davis in 2006 Murder Conviction
04/22/21 LAS Announces 750,000 Settlement for Client Illegally Shackled During Labor by NYPD
04/22/21 LAS Statement on Reporting that DOCCS has Suspended Prison Vaccinations Efforts
04/21/21  LAS Statement on DA Vance Announcement to Dismiss Prostitution, Massage Cases
04/20/21 LAS Statement in Response to Derek Chauvin Verdict
04/20/21 LAS Shares Crucial #KnowYourRights Protest-Related Information for New Yorkers
04/20/21 LAS Calls on Albany to Extend Protection to Prevent Widespread Evictions and Homelessness
04/19/21 LAS Calls on Governor Enact the HERO Act That Would Codify Critical Workplace Protections
04/19/21 LAS Statement on NYS Senate Committee Passing Bill to Abolish NYC’s Rogue DNA Database
04/17/21 LAS Response to Reports of OCA Suspension of Family Court Clerk who Used Racial Slurs
04/16/21 Defenders Respond to Reports that NYC Court Clerk Used Racial Slurs to Refer to 15-Year-Old
04/16/21 LAS To Albany: Renew Eviction Freeze Ahead of Expiration, Prevent Widespread Homelessness
04/15/21 Advocates to City Hall: Incarcerated New Yorkers Need Greater Voting Access Immediately
04/15/21 Joint Statement on DA Announcement to Vacate Convictions in Cases of Corrupt Detective
04/14/21 LAS Statement on Dismissal of Landlord Lawsuit Attempting to End NY Eviction Moratorium
04/14/21 Legal Aid, PA Williams and Advocates to Call for Greater Access to Voting in Local Jails
04/14/21 LAS and Debevoise File Lawsuit Against City, NYPD For Illegal Arrest of New Yorkers
04/14/21 LAS and BronxConnect Urge Lawmakers to Enact #Right2RemainSilent Legislation
04/13/21 LAS Flags May 31 Deadline for Immigrant Youth Denied Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
04/12/21 Advisory: Workers, Supporters and Legislators Call for the SWEAT Bill so Workers are Paid
04/08/21 LAS Secures Dismissal for Client Who Was Arrested, Placed in a Knee-on-Neck Hold by NYPD
04/07/21 LAS Statement on $2.1 Billion Fund for Excluded Workers in NT State’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
04/07/21 LAS Statement on DA Vacating Convictions for Clients Whose Cases Involved Corrupt Cop
04/06/21 FOIL Documents Reveal Extent of NYPD’s Use of Clearview AI Facial Recognition Technology
04/06/21 LAS Statement on Rent Relief Package in New York State’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
04/06/21 LAS Secures Settlement Ensuring Homeless Students Have Access to Working WiFi at Shelters
04/06/21 LAS Calls on Albany to Transition to Video Hearings for all Parole Matters or Face Litigation
04/05/21 Defenders Call on Albany to Enact the Less Is More Act Immediately
04/02/21 LAS and 35+ Organizations Call for Greater Access to Voter Registration in NYC Jails
04/01/21 LAS Statement on the Governor Signing the HALT Solitary Confinement Bill Into Law
04/01/21 60+ Organizations Call on DHS Secretary to End ICE’s Discriminatory Gang Prioritization
04/01/21 LAS Statement From Counsel for Brandon Elliot

March 2021

03/31/21 LAS Statement on International Transgender Day of Visibility
03/31/21 LAS Statement on the Passing of Justice Paul Feinman
03/31/21 LAS Celebrates Signing of MRTA Into Law, Urges Albany to Enact Additional Reforms
03/29/21 NY Supreme Court Rules Incarcerated People Must be Offered COVID Vaccine Immediately
03/28/21 LAS Statement on NYS Marijuana Legalization
03/25/21 LAS Statements on the Mayor’s Police Reform Plan, Qualified Immunity Legislation
03/24/21 LAS: City Council Should Reject Mayor de Blasio’s Policing Plan
03/23/21 LAS Calls on Albany to Advance Key Housing Priorities to Help Struggling Tenants
03/23/21 LAS Renews Demand for Citywide Audit of all Privileged Attorney-Client Phone Recordings
03/22/21 Defenders Call for an End to All Recordings of Phone Calls by New Yorkers Incarcerated in Jails
03/21/21 NYC Defenders Decry Breach of Attorney-Client Privilege in Wrongly Recorded Phone Calls
03/19/21 Advisory: Mayoral Candidates to Debate Economic and Housing Insecurity Issues
03/18/21 LAS Response to the Gendered and Racist Asian Violence Near Atlanta, Georgia
03/18/21 LAS Calls on Governor to Enact the HALT Solitary Confinement Act Immediately
03/18/21 LAS Files Lawsuit to Secure New Yorkers in NYS Prisons Access to The COVID-19 Vaccine
03/16/21 LAS Statement in Support of the Black Freedom Project’s Marijuana Legalization Advocacy Day
03/16/21 LAS Lauds Tenfold Increase in Anti-Eviction “Hardship Declarations” Submissions in NYC
03/16/21 NYS Agrees to Waive Onerous “Lawsuit Requirement” for Eviction Prevention Supplement
03/15/21 LAS Statement on Likely Deal Between Albany Lawmakers on Marijuana Legalization in NYS
03/15/21 LAS Files Federal Suit Challenging Housing Voucher Discrimination
03/15/21 Advisory: Advocates Announce Fair Housing Investigation, Legal Action
03/12/21 Statement on Criminalization Bars in the U.S. Citizenship Act, American Dream and Promise Act
03/12/21 LAS Demands City Take Action to Remedy Dangerous Conditions in Courthouses
03/11/21  LAS Calls on Albany to Enact the Less Is More Act Immediately
03/11/21  NYIFUP Demands Answers on Vaccination Plan for Detained Immigrants
03/10/21 NYPD Data: New Yorkers of Color Were Subjects of More Than 94% of Marijuana Arrests
03/09/21 LAS, BronxConnect Applaud Committee Passage of #Right2RemainSilent Legislation
03/09/21 Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rule Blocked
03/08/21 LAS Statement on the City’s Solitary Confinement Practices
03/08/21 Advisory: Officials Join Advocates in Demand to Address Dangerous Jails and Prisons
03/08/21 Officials Must Address the Deadly COVID-19 Conditions That Persist in Jails and Prisons
03/05/21 Three Innocent Queens Men to Be Released From Prison Following Wrongful Convictions
03/04/21 Advisory: Hearing to Rule on Release of Three Innocent Queens Men After 24 Years
03/04/21 #Right2RemainSilent Campaign Aims to Protect Youth Interrogated by Police
03/03/21 Advisory: Youth, Parents, Advocates, More to Announce #Right2RemainSilent Campaign
03/01/21 U.S. Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest in Lawsuit M.G. v. Cuomo
03/01/21 LAS Implores Lawmakers to Enact The COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

February 2021

02/25/21 Public Defenders Ask Court to Force State to Offer Vaccine to Incarcerated People
02/25/21 LAS Condemns Increase in Violence Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
02/25/21 LAS Condemns NYC DOC for Placing Young People in Enhanced Supervision Housing
02/25/21 LAS Calls on City to Fire NYPD Officer Fabio Nunez
02/24/21 As Vaccine Eligibility Expands, Incarcerated New Yorkers Must Be Included
02/24/21 Broken Promises: City Makes Little Progress on Expunging Rogue DNA Index
02/23/21 LAS Secures Decision in Holden v. Port Authority Allowing Claims to Proceed to Trial
02/23/21 LAS Calls on NYS to Pass Legislation to Stop Unethical Medicaid Collection Practices
02/22/21 Immigrant Rights Groups React to SCOTUS Taking Up Public Charge, Call on Biden to Rescind
02/18/21 Officials, Advocates Urge Tenants to Submit “Hardship Declaration Forms” to Prevent Eviction
02/17/21  Advisory: Press Conference Urges Tenants to Submit “Hardship Declaration Forms”
02/16/21 LAS Statement on Ruling in Uniformed Fire Officers Association, et al. v. Bill de Blasio
02/11/21  LAS Urges New York Tenants to Submit Anti-Eviction “Hardship Declarations” 
02/10/21 New Yorkers Incarcerated in City Jails on Technical Parole Violations Hits Nine-Month High
02/09/21 LAS Files Lawsuit to Temporarily Waive “Lawsuit Requirement” for FHEPS Program
02/08/21 LAS Lauds Senate Committee Passage of the Less Is More Act, Urges Legislature to Act
02/05/21 Cuomo’s Prison Vaccination Announcement Offers Little Change for Incarcerated New Yorkers
02/04/21 Public Defenders Sue NY, Claim Vaccine Denial Violates Rights of Incarcerated People
02/04/21 Advocates Call on Albany to End the Arrest and Prosecution of Children Under 12 Years Old
02/04/21 Immigration Advocates Demand Release of People in Detention After New ICE Guidance
02/04/21 Trailblazing Litigants Respond to the Repeal of New York’s “Walking While Trans” Statute
02/02/21 Immigrant Advocates Welcome President Biden’s Executive Order on “Public Charge” Rule
02/02/21 LAS Statement on Governor Cuomo Repealing New York’s “Walking While Trans” Statute
02/02/21 LAS Lauds Passage of Legislation to Repeal New York’s “Walking While Trans” Law
02/01/21 LAS Condemns State & City for Failure to Ensure Equitable Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine
02/01/21 5,000 Incarcerated New Yorkers in DOCCS’ Custody Have Now Tested Positive for COVID-19

January 2021

01/29/21 NYIFUP Condemns ICE for Heat Outage at Bergen County Jail
01/28/21 Defenders to Gov. Cuomo: Stop Blocking COVID-19 Vaccinations for Our Incarcerated Clients
01/28/21 LAS Announces Town Halls to Ensure Input From Those Historically Affected by Over-Policing
01/27/21 LAS Secures Critical Due Process Protections for Homeless Clients in Fair Hearings
01/25/21 LAS, Milbank Call on City to Established Reliable Internet Service for Shelter Residents
01/22/21 LAS Cautions Against Phishing Phone Calls and Scam Money Requests
01/21/21  FOIL: SI District Attorney Employs Controversial Facial Recognition Technology 
01/21/21  LAS, Pro Bono Co-Counsel Secure COVID-19 Vaccine for Client in DOCCS’ Custody
01/20/21 LAS Decries Governor’s Refusal to Offer Incarcerated New Yorkers the COVID-19 Vaccine
01/20/21 LAS Statement on President Biden’s Steps Toward More Humane Immigration Policies
01/19/21 LAS Statement in Response to Governor’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Address (Civil)
01/19/21 LAS Statement in Response to Governor’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Address (CDP)
01/15/21 Over 4,000 New Yorkers in DOCCS’ Custody Have Now Tested Positive For COVID-19
01/14/21 LAS, NYCLU Joint Statement on Attorney General Lawsuit Condemning NYPD Protest Violence
01/13/21 Public Defenders Nationwide Announce Plan for Immigration Justice; Provide Ten-Point Plan
01/12/21 Governor Refuses to Permit Vaccinations at Prisons, Jails as COVID-19 Claims More Lives
01/12/21 LAS Testifies at City Council Hearing on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Accessibility
01/11/21  LAS Calls on Gov. Cuomo to Advance Key Housing Priorities for Struggling New York Tenants
01/11/21  LAS Statement in Response to Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State Address
01/11/21  LAS Urges President-Elect Biden to Enact Housing Policies to Benefit Low-Income New Yorkers
01/08/21 NYIFUP Statement on Egregious Treatment of Immigrants on Hunger Strike in ICE Detention
01/08/21 LAS Files Suit to Protect New Yorkers Incarcerated at Adirondack Correctional Facility
01/07/21 LAS Condemns Governor for Excluding Incarcerated New Yorkers from Vaccine Distribution
01/06/21 LAS Releases 2021 Statewide Civil Law Reform Priorities
01/06/21 LAS Calls on State, City to Vaccinate Incarcerated New Yorkers Immediately
01/06/21 Video: NYPD Officer Employs Knee-on-Neck Hold – Same Technique That Killed George Floyd
01/06/21 NYC Public Defenders Call on Legislature to Pass Critical Criminal Legal System Reforms
01/06/21 LAS Education Advocacy Project, Homework Helpers Provide Tech to NYC Students
01/04/21 LAS Calls on City to Immediately Fix DOC Inmate Lookup
01/04/21 As Two More Succumb to COVID-19 in DOCCS’ Custody, LAS Calls for Meaningful Release

December 2020

12/30/20 Federal Court Rejects City’s Attempt to Derail Litigation Seeking to Equip Shelters with WiFi
12/30/20 LAS, Crowell & Moring LLP File Suit Regarding Jail Conditions During 2019 Heat Emergency
12/29/20 NYIFUP Statement on New COVID-19 Outbreak, Hunger Strike in Hudson County Jail
12/28/20 LAS Statement on Passage of COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act
12/28/20 LAS Calls on Governor to Act on 100+ Virus-Related Clemency Applications
12/26/20 LAS Statement on NYS Eviction Moratorium Legislation
12/24/20 LAS, Blank, Rome LLP Secure Pardon for Natasha Joseph, who Risked Deportation
12/24/20 LAS, Kasowitz Secure Pardon for Rosario Pena, a Victim of Human Trafficking
12/20/20 LAS Hosts Holiday Toy Distribution for Homeless and Other Vulnerable Children
12/18/20 LAS Sues DOCCS for Critical Facility-Level Virus Testing Data as COVID-19 Rates Rise
12/18/20 LAS Statement on DOI Investigation Into NYPD’s Response to George Floyd Demonstrations
12/17/20 COVID-19 Rates Explode in NYS Prisons, Advocates Demand Transparency, Action From DOCCS
12/17/20 LAS Honors Staff at 144th Annual Meeting
12/17/20 NYC Defenders Release 2021 Statewide Criminal Legal System Reform Priorities
12/16/20 Report: NYS Eviction Moratorium has Saved the Lives of Over 10,000 New Yorkers
12/15/20 LAS Statement on Governor Cuomo Enacting the Protect Our Courts Act Into Law
12/15/20 Advisory: LAS, Milbank to Argue in Case to Secure Internet Access at Homeless Shelters
12/14/20 New Data Confirms That NYPD Continues to Add New Yorkers’ DNA to Rogue City Database
12/13/20 NY Prisons Reach Shameful Milestone: 2,000 New Yorkers Have Tested Positive for COVID-19
12/10/20  LAS Statement on City Council Vote to Pass the Fair Chance Act 2.0
12/10/20  LAS Analysis: 14 Different NYS Prisons Across NYS Saw an Increase in Positive COVID-19 Cases
12/09/20 LAS Calls on Cuomo to Lift Warrants, Release Vulnerable New Yorkers Held on Parole Warrants
12/08/20 LAS: Arrest Involving Daniel Presti, Mac’s Pub Owner, Illuminates SI’s two Tier “Justice” System
12/08/20 Following Report on New York’s Broken Parole System, LAS Calls for Comprehensive Reform
12/07/20  LAS Calls on Cuomo to Enact Landmark Protect Our Courts Act Immediately
12/07/20  LAS to de Blasio, Local DAs: Decarcerate City Jails now or Risk Innocent Lives to COVID-19
12/07/20  LAS Calls on City to Dissolve Troubled NYPD Vice Squad Unit Immediately
12/04/20 Amid a Second COVID-19 Outbreak at Local Jails, LAS Calls to Release Vulnerable New Yorkers
12/03/20 LAS Statement on Governor Relaxing Eligibility Standards for NY’s Rent Relief Program
12/02/20 LAS Calls on Cuomo, DOCCS to Release Medically Vulnerable Clients as COVID Rates Climb
12/02/20 LAS Calls on the City for Answers Following Tragic Death of Ryan Wilson in DOC Custody
12/01/20 LAS Secures End of Prone Restraint Practice Used on Youth in OCFS Overseen Facilities

November 2020

11/30/20 LAS Statement on DA Vance Dismissing Remaining Charges Pending Against Joseph Troiano
11/30/20 Federal Judge Approves Class Action Settlement in LAS’s Landmark Homeless Youth Lawsuit
11/30/20 LAS Calls on Albany to Amend New York’s Rent Relief Program to Serve More Families
11/25/20 Governor Cuomo’s Early Release Initiative Failing to Free Vulnerable New Yorkers on Time
11/24/20 LAS, Milbank Sue City for Failing to Provide Students at Shelters Access to Remote Schooling
11/23/20 NYC Defenders Renew Call for Urgent Reforms of the Criminal Legal System
11/20/20 LAS Calls on Governor, Legislature to Amend Rent Relief Programs to Benefit More New Yorkers
11/18/20 Elected Officials, Advocates, Tenants Condemn Landlord Who Refuses Boiler Repairs, More
11/17/20  NYIFUP Statement About Hudson County’s Contract with ICE
11/16/20  After LAS Urging, HRA Suspends Billing Until January 21, 2021
11/13/20  LAS, Lowenstein Sandler File Lawsuit to Require Newark to Accept NYC SOTA Program
11/10/20  LAS Statement on the Exoneration of Emmanuelle Cooper
11/10/20  LAS Statement After SCOTUS Signals Support for the Affordable Care Act
11/09/20 FOIL: DOC Increases Density Levels at Local Jails to Dangerous Levels
11/09/20 LAS, Lowenstein Sandler LLP Win Petition to Intervene on Behalf of Homeless New Yorkers
11/07/20 LAS Statement on the Election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House
11/02/20 LAS Calls on Governor Cuomo to Extend Executive Order Pausing Default Judgments
11/02/20 LAS, Milbank Issue Final Warning to Expedite Internet Installation at Shelters or Face Litigation

October 2020

10/29/20  Federal Monitor Report: After Seven Years, NYPD Still Failing to Make Court-Ordered Reforms
10/29/20  City Hall: Most Homeless New Yorkers Will Have to Wait for Working WiFi Until Next Summer
10/29/20  Ahead of Election, LAS Re-Releases Know Your Rights Information for Protestors
10/27/20  LAS Wins Appellate Court Victory in Velasco Lopez v. Decker 
10/27/20  LAS Calls for Detailed Plan on How City Will Install WiFi at All NYC Homeless Shelters
10/26/20 NYCLU and LAS Sue Mayor, NYPD for Police Brutality During Protests
10/23/20 LAS Statement on Latest Nunez Independent Federal Monitor Report on Abuse in NYC Jails
10/23/20 LAS Files Suit Against NYC for Failing to Provide Adequate Shelter for Homeless Single Adults
10/23/20 LAS Calls on Cuomo, DOCCS to Release Vulnerable New Yorkers at COVID-19 Hotspot Prisons
10/21/20 LAS Mourns the Loss of Another Incarcerated New Yorker to COVID-19, Condemns DOCCS
10/20/20 LAS Decries Piecemeal Response From City to Address Systemic Internet Issues at Shelters
10/16/20 LAS Statement on OCA Report Examining Court System’s Racial and Other Biases
10/15/20 LAS Warns of Second Surge Within NYS Prison System as COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket
10/15/20  LAS Calls on City Council to End Genetic Stop-And-Frisk
10/14/20  LAS, Milbank Threaten Lawsuit for Neglecting to Provide Homeless Children Internet Access
10/14/20  LAS Statement on Legislation Prohibiting NYPD Collection a Child’s DNA Without Consent
10/13/20  LAS Urges Halt to Plan Resuming Collections on SNAP, Public Assistance, Medicaid Recipients
10/13/20  Defenders Decry 16% Rise in Jail Population as Second Wave of COVID19 Threatens NYC
10/10/20  LAS Statement on the Passing of Christopher Cruz, Client Held Pretrial on Cash Bail at Rikers
10/09/20 LAS Statement on New OCA Memo Concerning Residential Eviction Proceedings
10/09/20 LAS to Wall Street NIMBY Group: Fund Affordable Housing Instead of Vilifying Homeless
10/08/20 LAS Calls on DOC/DOCCS to Assist with Stimulus Applications From People in Custody
10/08/20 As Washington Debates Stimulus Package, LAS Calls for Direct Rental Assistance for Tenants
10/05/20 LAS, Advocates, Community Members to Hold Webinar on the NYPD’s Rogue Gang Database
10/04/20 LAS Advises Incarcerated Persons of Restored Eligibility for Stimulus Payments
10/01/20 LAS Files Appeal in Case to Exonerate Wrongfully Convicted Brooklynite James Davis
10/01/20 LAS Calls for Permanent and Meaningful Regulation of City DNA Index Policy

September 2020

09/30/20 Court Grants LAS Motions to Dismiss Lawsuits Attacking Rent Laws, Housing Reforms
09/29/20 LAS Statement on Executive Order No. 202.66, Issued Today by Governor Andrew Cuomo
09/29/20 Court Rules LAS, Cleary Gottlieb Lawsuit Against ICE Courthouse Arrests Will Proceed
09/28/20 LAS Statement on New York’s Residential Eviction Moratorium
09/26/20 LAS Statement on Tonight’s Vigil in Support of New Yorkers Residing at the Lucerne Hotel
09/25/20 LAS Statement on Harmonia Shelter, Flatlands Shelter, LIC Plaza Hotel and the Lucerne Hotel
09/25/20 Harmonia Shelter Residents to Mayor: Don’t Uproot us to Appease Upper West Side NIMBYists
09/24/20 Advisory: Harmonia Residents to Hold Press Conference Calling for Answers From City Hall
09/24/20 LAS, Partners Win Petition in Federal Court to Intervene in Landlord Lobby Lawsuits
09/22/20 LAS Condemns Proposed Rule by Labor Department Which Would Strip Workers’ Rights
09/21/20 With Less Than Ten Days Before NYS Eviction Moratorium Expires, LAS Implores Albany to Act
09/19/20 LAS Statement on Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, United States Supreme Court Justice
09/18/20 LAS Calls on Governer Cuomo to Act After OTDA Removes Eviction Moratorium Guidance
09/17/20 LAS Launches Fundraising Campaign to Help Families Afford Immigration Application Fees
09/16/20 LAS Calls for Ban on Use of Controversial DNA Testing
09/16/20 LAS Calls on Governor, Legislature to Act Immediately to Prevent Unprecedented Evictions
09/14/20 LAS Statement in Response to City Pausing Transfers From Lucerne, NYS Homeless Shelters
09/14/20 LAS Condemns DOC Staff for Failing to Wear Masks, Practice Social Distancing
09/12/20 LAS Statement in Response to Reported Plans to Move Families at Flatlands Family Residence
09/10/20 LAS Prepares Lawsuit Against City Over Plan to Move Homeless New Yorkers With Disabilities
09/09/20 OCME Identified 20k to Remove From City Databank, Instead the Number Increased 
09/08/20 LAS Statement on City’s Decision to Relocate Homeless New Yorkers From UWS Hotel
09/04/20 LAS, Partners Bring New Claims to Abolish New York’s Prison-to-Homeless Shelter Pipeline
09/01/20 LAS Statement on CDC Regulation Extending Eviction Relief Through End of 2020
09/01/20 LAS Calls on NY Legislature to Reconvene to Extend Eviction Moratorium Indefinitely

August 2020

08/31/20 LAS Statement Concerning NYPD Disciplinary Matrix
08/27/20 Criminal Justice Reform Groups Call to Publish Correction Officer Disciplinary Information
08/27/20 LAS to Mayor: Force Homeless New Yorkers From Hotels And We’ll See You In Court
08/26/20 LAS Calls on Governor Cuomo, Legislature to Implement Indefinite Eviction Moratorium
08/26/20 LAS Reaffirms Need For City to Enact Sweeping DNA-Related Reforms
08/24/20 LAS Statement on Staten Island DA Disclosure of NYPD Officers With Credibility Issues
08/21/20 LAS Additional Statement in Response to Uniformed Fire Officers Association v. Bill de Blasio
08/20/20 LAS Statement in Response to Ruling in Uniformed Fire Officers Association v. Bill de Blasio
08/19/20 LAS Calls on OCME to Issue Progress Reports on Effort to Reduce DNA Database Profiles
08/18/20 Advisory: Officials, Workers, Community Leaders Rally for Workplace COVID Protections
08/18/20 LAS Statement on the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment
08/17/20 LAS Files Amicus Brief Against Police Union Efforts to Deny Access to Disciplinary Records
08/12/20 LAS Statement on OCA Revised Procedure for Addressing Eviction Proceedings
08/10/20 LAS Decries COVID-19 Outbreak At Four Upstate DOCCS Prisons
08/07/20 LAS Calls on Governor Cuomo to Extend Eviction Moratorium Indefinitely 
08/06/20 LAS Statement on Agreement to Address Issues with Rikers Island Consent Judgment
08/05/20 LAS, Faith Leaders Call on Governor Cuomo to Extend Eviction Moratorium
08/05/20 LAS and Uptrust Launch Court Date Reminder Text Message Service
08/05/20 Public Advocate, LAS Call On Cuomo to Extend Eviction Moratorium
08/05/20 LAS, Proskauer Secure Victory to Provide Retroactive Guardianship Subsidies
08/04/20 Appellate Court Blocks “Public Charge” Immigration Rule
08/04/20 14,000 Households Across NYC Face Likely Eviction as Statewide Moratorium Expires

July 2020

07/30/20 Statement In Response To Report Debunking Mayor’s Claim Connecting Courts to Shootings
07/29/20 Judge Issues Nationwide Injunctions Blocking “Public Charge” Rules Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
07/29/20 Legal Aid Statement on NYPD Abduction of 18-Year-Old Trans Activist Nikki Stone
07/28/20 NYC Defenders Blast Decision Allowing Dangerous Resumption of In-Person Court Hearings
07/27/20 LAS Statement on Need to Acknowledge White Fragility, Organizations to Become Anti-Racist
07/27/20 Attorneys for Detained Immigrants Demand Release from Bergen County Jail Amid Heat Wave
07/24/20 LAS Response To Staten Island DA Refusal To Prosecute Officers Violating NYC Diaphragm Law
07/23/20 LAS Statement in Response to Mayor’s Comments Faulting Courts For Uptick In Shootings
07/22/20 Legal Aid Lauds The Historic Passage of The Protect Our Courts Act
07/22/20 LAS Calls On NYC DOCCS To Protect The Incarcerated From Summer Heat-Related Dangers
07/21/20 Legal Aid Society Unveils 2020 NYS Black Youth Justice Agenda
07/20/20 Legal Aid Decries Death of Another Client, Hector Rodriguez, at Rikers Island
07/20/20 Statement from Counsel for Tyrese Haspil
07/18/20 Legal Aid Statement On The Passing Of Congress Member John Lewis
07/17/20 Joint Defender Letter Regarding Lawsuit To Halt Non-Emergency Court Matters
07/17/20 Statement from LAS Staten Island Office On the Anniversary of the Death of Eric Garner
07/16/20 LAS Lauds Ruling That Finds That NYPD’s Ballistics Method Riddled With Significant Flaws
07/16/20 Legal Aid Files Lawsuit to Challenge Systemic Discrimination by the NYS Justice Center
07/15/20 Legal Aid Calls On NYPD To Immediately Fire NYPD Officers Involved In Brutal Attack On Client
07/14/20 NYC Public Defenders File Federal Lawsuit to Halt Rushed Decision to Reconvene Courts
07/10/20 Plaintiffs Groups Dismayed by Court’s Decline To Order Investigation Into NYPD’s Practices
07/09/20 NYC Defenders Call on NY Court System to Delay Opening for Safety of Staff and Clients 
07/08/20 Statement In Response To AG’s Report On The NYPD’s Response to Demonstrations
07/08/20 NYC Defenders and NLG-NYC to DAs: Dismiss Social Distancing and Protest-Related Arrests
07/08/20 LAS Calls On Cuomo, OCFS: Prohibit Face-Down Restraints On Children At Treatment Centers
07/06/20 Despite Promises To Expunge Profiles, City Adds Innocent New Yorkers To DNA Index
07/02/20 LAS Launches Clinic To Assist Protesters in Filing Notice Of Claims, CCRB Complaints
07/02/20 Legal Aid Statement On Bail Reform Rollback Implementation
07/01/20 LAS Condemns NYPD Violence Against Queer Liberation March 

June 2020

06/30/20 LAS Condemns DOCCS For Refusing To Test Incarcerated People, Ignoring CDC Guidelines 
06/30/20 Legal Aid Statement On Albany Enacting The NYS Tenant Safe Harbor Act Into Law
06/30/20 LAS Secures Retrial From NYS Appellate Division For Client, Brian Mitchell
06/29/20 LAS, NYS Legislators, Advocates Urge Gov. to Sign the NYS Tenant Safe Harbor Act into Law
06/29/20 LAS Statement On Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Solitary Confinement Announcement
06/26/20 NYC Public Defenders Demand At Least $1 Billion Cut to NYPD Budget
06/25/20 LAS Files Motion To Vacate Conviction For Client Ensnared In Marijuana Planting Scheme
06/24/20 Statement On NYC DOHMH Report Concerning Underreported NYPD Involved Deaths
06/22/20 Home Health Care Advocates Call on Cuomo to Protect Workers During Pandemic
06/22/20 LAS Statement on Statewide Day of Action to Resist Evictions
06/19/20 LAS Statement in Recognition of Juneteenth
06/18/20 LAS Statement On City Council Vote To Pass the POST Act
06/18/20 Legal Aid Lauds SCOTUS Decision To Allow DACA To Continue
06/17/20 LAS Statement On Rent Guidelines Board’s Vote To Freeze Rents On Low-Income Tenants
06/17/20 LAS Statement On Governor Cuomo Granting Clemency To Client Juan Serrano
06/17/20 Statement On City’s Announcement To Post NYPD Disciplinary Records Online
06/17/20 Legal Aid Urges Rent Guidelines Board to Roll Back Rents Ahead of Final Vote Tonight
06/16/20 LAS Statement From Legal Aid On Gun Violence Awareness Month
06/16/20 LAS to Mayor and Johnson: Make NYPD Disciplinary Records Accessible to Public
06/15/20 LAS Statement On NYPD Disbanding Its Controversial Anti-Crime Unit
06/15/20  LAS Lauds Historic Victory for LGBTQ+ Workplace Protections
06/12/20  LAS Statement On New York Repealing Police Secrecy Law 50-a
06/11/20   LAS and Immigrant Rights Advocates Laud Win in NYAG ICE Out of Courts Lawsuit
06/10/20  Housing Attorneys and Advocates Urge NYC Civil and Housing Courts to Halt Reopening
06/09/20 LAS Lauds Passage Of 50-A Repeal, Urges Governor Cuomo to Enact Legislation Immediately
06/09/20 LAS Statement on Arrest of Officer who Assaulted Protester at George Floyd Demonstration
06/09/20 LAS Condemns Governor Cuomo For Ignoring 100+ Emergency Clemency Applications
06/08/20 LAS Commends NYS Legislature for Advancing 50-A Repeal Bill
06/08/20 Joint Statement In Support Of Today’s Public Defender March For Black Lives
06/07/20 LAS Urges Albany To Enact Newly Introduced Comprehensive 50-A Repeal Bill
06/07/20 Civil Rights Organizations’ Statement on Lifting NYC Curfew
06/05/20 Civil Rights Organizations Threaten to Sue if de Blasio Extends Curfew
06/05/20 LAS Files Notice Of Appeal In Case to Free New Yorkers Illegally Detained Pre-Arraignment
06/04/20 LDF, The Legal Aid Society Demand that Officers Stop Concealing Their Shield Numbers
06/04/20 Joint NYC Defender Statement On Efforts to Circumvent Law and Detain Protestors
06/04/20 LAS Condemns Mayor’s NYPD Crackdown on Peaceful Protesters, Offers CCRB Assistance
06/04/20 Attorneys Ask for Investigation into NYPD’s Social Distancing Enforcement to Include Curfew
06/04/20 As Videos Surface of NYPD Brutality, LAS Demands Full Repeal of Police Secrecy Law 50-A
06/02/20 LAS Files Emergency Lawsuit to Free 108 New Yorkers Detained Pre-Arraignment By NYPD
06/02/20 LAS Statement in Response to Report NYS Legislature Will Debate Police Secrecy Law 50-A
06/01/20 LAS Statement in Response to Citywide Curfew in NYC and Doubling of NYPD Enforcement
06/01/20 Joint NYC Defender Statement On NYPD Brutality
06/01/20 LAS Releases Know Your Rights Information For New Yorkers Protesting NYPD Brutality
06/01/20 As Lawmakers Conference Police Secrecy Law 50-a, LAS Urges Full Repeal
06/01/20 Independent Federal Monitor Reports on Abuse in New York City Jails Shows Dismal Progress

May 2020

05/30/20 LAS Statement in Response to Governor Cuomo’s Call to Repeal Police Secrecy Law 50-a
05/29/20 LAS Statement On NYS Anti-Mask Legislation (S8415/A10446)
05/28/20 LAS and Paul, Weiss Launch Litigation Campaign to Free TGNCNBI New Yorkers
05/28/20 LAS, Advocates Urge Albany to Pass “Good Cause” Eviction Bill Amid COVID-19 Crisis
05/26/20 Stop-and-Frisk Attorneys Ask Court to Investigate NYPD’s Social-Distancing Enforcement
05/26/20 Advisory: Video Press Conference Tuesday: NYPD Social-Distancing Enforcement Practices
05/26/20 LAS Urges Passage Of Key Bills to Protect Those Disproportionately Affected By COVID-19
05/22/20 Legal Advocates Urge Mayor and HRA to Improve Application Process During COVID-19
05/21/20 New Yorkers of Color Continue to Shoulder Brunt of NYPD COVID-19 Related Enforcement
05/18/20 Advocates Ask District Court to Block Public Charge Rule Amidst Pandemic
05/14/20 LAS Urges Albany to Defend New Yorkers Disproportionately Impacted by COVID-19
05/14/20 LAS Condemns Governor, DOCCS for Delaying Release of Six Incarcerated Pregnant Women
05/14/20 LAS Renews Call to Cease Enforcement of Social Distancing Rules After Release of New Video
05/13/20 LAS to Hold Virtual Press Conference to Urge Protection of COVID-19 Impacted New Yorkers
05/12/20  LAS Statement in Response to “COVID-19 Related” Arrest Data
05/08/20 LAS Sues to Free Medically Vulnerable Clients From Otisville Prison
05/07/20 LAS Statement on Rent Guidelines Board’s Preliminary Vote to Freeze Rents
05/07/20 LAS Statement on Eviction Moratorium Extension Amid COVID-19 Crisis
05/06/20 LAS Urges Rent Guidelines Board to Postpone Final Vote Ahead of Preliminary Hearing
05/05/20 LAS Secures The Release Of Eight Pregnant Women Currently Incarcerated At Bedford Hills
05/04/20 LAS Demands the Immediate Release of Ten Incarcerated Pregnant Women
05/04/20 Defenders, LGBTQ+ Advocates, More Request the Immediate Release of TGNCNBI New Yorkers
05/03/20 LAS Condemns NYPD For Violent Social Distancing-Related Arrests
05/01/20 LAS and Kasowitz File Mass Writ to Free Five Incarcerated Clients

April 2020

04/29/20 LAS Statement on Increased Policing of Homeless New Yorkers on the Subway
04/28/20 Seven Medically Vulnerable Immigrants in ICE Detention Seek Release Amid Pandemic
04/27/20 LAS Files Clemency Applications on Behalf of 40 Incarcerated New Yorkers
04/17/20 LAS Files Two Lawsuits to Release 76 Incarcerated New Yorkers at a high risk of COVID-19
04/16/20 LAS and Kasowitz File Lawsuit to Free 9 Clients Incarcerated at NYS Prisons
04/15/20 LAS Calls on Mayor and NYPD to Modify Policing Practices Putting Communities at Risk
04/15/20 LAS Files Clemency Applications on Behalf of 20 Incarcerated New Yorkers 
04/14/20 LAS Demands Immediate Release of Incarcerated New Yorkers After Death of Second Client
04/13/20 LAS Wins Release of 51 Incarcerated New Yorkers At High Risk of COVID-19
04/13/20  Immigrant Rights Groups Urge U.S. Supreme Court to Temporarily Halt “Public Charge”
04/13/20 LAS, Bronx Defenders, ACLU Win Immediate Release of Five Medically-Vulnerable Immigrants
04/09/20 LAS Wins Release of 28 New Yorkers Illegally Incarcerated at Rikers Island
04/07/20 LAS Calls on Gov. Cuomo, DOCCS to Release Over 100 Incarcerated New Yorkers
04/06/20 LAS Statement on Michael Tyson, LAS Client who Died from COVID-19
04/04/20 NYCLU and LAS Sue for Release of People Jailed for Alleged Parole Violations
04/03/20 LAS Files Fourth Lawsuit to Free 100 Incarcerated New Yorkers at a High Risk of COVID-19
04/03/20 NYC Defenders Statement on Legislative Rollback of Bail and Discovery Reforms
04/02/20 LAS Statement on NYS Senate Vote Passage to Roll Back Bail Reform
04/02/20 LAS Calls on Gov. Cuomo to Release Four Incarcerated People At High-Risk of COVID-19
04/01/20 NYC Defenders Condem Effort to Gut Progressive Bail Reform in Emergency Budget 

March 2020

03/31/20  LAS Statement Condemning Governor’s Attempt to Cut Medicaid Funding for Essential Care 
03/30/20 LAS Demands Transparency from City on COVID-19 Data at Rikers Island and Other Local Jails
03/30/20 LAS Calls on City Hall and State to Ensure All Homeless New Yorkers Have Access to Shelter 
03/27/20 LAS Secures Release of 106 Incarcerated New Yorkers at High Risk of COVID-19 From Rikers
03/27/20 LAS and Bronx Defenders Win Immediate Release of 4 Immigrants in ICE Detention
03/26/20 LAS Wins Release of 16 Incarcerated New Yorkers at a High Risk of COVID-19 From City Jails
03/26/20 LAS Launches Online Hub for COVID-19 Resources for Clients and Communities in NYC
03/26/20 LAS Files Lawsuit to Release Incarcerated Young New Yorkers at a high risk of COVID-19
03/25/20 NYC Jails – Including Rikers Island – Lead Nation in Terms of COVID-19 Infection Rate
03/25/20 LAS Files Third Lawsuit to Release 110 Incarcerated New Yorkers at a high risk of COVID-19 
03/24/20 NYIFUP Statement on First Detainee Testing Positive For COVID-19 at Bergen County Jail
03/24/20 LAS Files Second Lawsuit to Release 32 Incarcerated New Yorkers at a high risk of COVID-19 
03/23/20 LAS Requests Temporary Restraining Order to Free Clients at High Risk of COVID-19
03/22/20 LAS Echoes Call from NYC BOC to Release Incarcerated New Yorkers Vulnerable to COVID-19
03/22/20 Joint Statement Calling for Increased Support and Guidance for Runaway and Homeless Youth
03/20/20 LAS, Bronx Defenders Sue for Release of High Risk Clients From Immigrant Detention 
03/20/20 NYIFUP Reports Immigrants Organize Second Hunger Strike in NJ Detention Center 
03/20/20 Advisory: Council Member Lander, Worker Justice Advocates to Hold Virtual Press Conference
03/20/20 LAS Files Lawsuit to Release 116 Incarcerated New Yorkers at a High Risk of COVID-19
03/19/20 NYIFUP Statement on Bergen County Corrections Officer Testing Positive for COVID-19
03/19/20 LAS Urges ACS to Ensure Children in ACS Custody Have Technology to Access Family, Services
03/18/20 LAS Statement Responding to Reports of Positive COVID-19 Tests in New York City Jails
03/18/20 LAS Calls to Fire Officers in Marijuana Planting Scheme at Routine Traffic Stop
03/18/20 Immigrants in NJ Detention Organize Hunger Strike; NYIFUP Condemns Jail Conditions
03/18/20 NYC DOI Halts City Marshalls From Commencing Evictions Indefinitely
03/17/20  LAS Calls for Release of All Held at Rikers on Parole Violations, Use of Video Conferencing
03/16/20 LAS Calls for Immediate Moratorium on NYPD Arrests
03/16/20 NYC Defenders Call for Hearing on NYPD’s Manipulation of Stats to Undermine Bail Reform
03/15/20 Statement On First Confirmed COVID-19 Case Among NYC Department Of Correction Staff
03/15/20  LAS Statement on OCA Housing and Civil Court Closures Amid COVID-19 Crisis
03/15/20  Joint Defender Statement Condemning Gov. Cuomo’s Attempt to Roll Back New Bail Laws
03/15/20  Civil Legal Services Providers Call on Albany, City Hall to Stay Evictions
03/13/20  NYIFUP Demands ICE Release Immigrants in Local Jails and Halt All Arrests
03/13/20  Incarcerated Clients Report Absence of Basic Measures to Prevent the Spread Of COVID19
03/13/20  Emery Celli, Legal Aid File Lawsuit on Behalf of Client who was Illegally Shackled During Labor
03/12/20  Joint Defender Statement on Immediate Release of Vulnerable Incarcerated New Yorkers
03/12/20  Despite Over $340 Million in Revenue Corcraft Continues to Pay Pennies on the Dollar 
03/09/20 LAS Condemns Governor for Exploiting Incarcerated New Yorkers to Produce Hand Sanitizer
03/09/20 LAS Calls on BOC to Address Plans to Protect Incarcerated From Potential COVID-19 Spread
03/09/20 NYIFUP Demands Answers from ICE on How Detention Centers Will Respond to Coronavirus
03/06/20 FOIL Disclosure Reveals Tens of Thousands of NYCHA Residents Suffered Outages 
03/05/20 Joint Defender Statement on Citywide Decrease In Docketed Cases of Grand Larceny Auto
03/03/20 Joint Defender Statement Ahead of NYPD Monthly Crime Briefing
03/02/20 LAS Releases 2019 List Of NYPD Police Officers Most Frequently Sued For Alleged Misconduct
03/02/20 LAS Announces Class Action Settlement in Landmark Homeless Youth Lawsuit 

February 2020

02/27/20 Advisory: Immigrant Rights Advocates Urge Court to Block Latest “Public Charge” Rules
02/26/20 Statewide Criminal Defense Organizations Set The Record Straight On Bail Reform  Fact Sheet
02/25/20 Advisory: Statewide Criminal Defense Organizations Set the Record Straight on Bail Reform
02/24/20 New Edition of Public Charge Screening Tool for Community-Based Advocates Now Available
02/20/20 LAS Statement on NYPD Proposal to Amend DNA Collection, Storage Practices
02/20/20 Assemblymember Pichardo, LAS and More Call on City to Save Rent-Stabilized Building
02/19/20 Advocates, Tenants to Call on City to Save Deteriorating Rent-Stabilized Building in the Bronx
02/14/20 LAS Statement on New Trump Decision to Deploy BORTAC to Sanctuary Cities
02/12/20 Legal Aid, Cleary Gottlieb in Court to Continue Fighting Against ICE Courthouse Arrests
02/12/20 Statement on NYS Senate Majority Proposal to Roll Back Bail Reform
02/11/20  Executed Evictions Continue to Plunge Since Rent Laws Enacted in June/Right to Council
02/10/20 Legal Aid Decries 22 Percent Spike In Racially Biased Stop-And-Frisk Procedures
02/07/20 NYPD Data Reaffirms Need For Albany to Enact the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act
02/06/20 Joint Statement on Misinformation by Law Enforcement Regarding Nassau County Tragedy
02/06/20 NY Leaders Demand Passage of “Good Cause” Eviction Legislation in New Video
02/05/20 LAS Statement on NYS DOS Guidance Which Will Require Landlords to Pay Broker Fees
02/05/20 LAS & Weil, Gotshal & Manges Secure Due Process in Hearings for Domestic Violence Survivors
02/04/20 LAS Statement on NYPD Monthly Crime Briefing
02/03/20 Council Speaker Corey Johnson, Advocates Call on Albany to Combat NYS Housing Crisis
02/02/20 Council Speaker, Advocates and Tenants to Call On Albany to Fund Public Housing

January 2020

01/31/20  New Yorkers Filed Roughly 1,400 Lawsuits Against The NYPD For Alleged Misconduct in 2019
01/28/20 LAS Statement on Prosecutorial Misconduct Commission Court Ruling
01/28/20 NYCHA Residents Filed Almost 32,000 Work Orders To Address Mildew Complaints
01/27/20  Attorneys Condemn Supreme Court Ruling Temporarily Allowing “Public Charge” Rule
01/23/20 LAS Applauds Governor for Condemning Requirement That Judges Predict Future Crimes 
01/22/20 Motion Filed in U.S. Supreme Court to Continue Blocking “Public Charge” Immigration Rule
01/22/20 NYS Appeals Court Reverses City’s Motion To Dismiss NYCHA Rent Abatement Case
01/22/20 Immigrant Rights Advocates File Petition to Block Three Interrelated “Public Charge” Rules
01/21/20  LAS Statement on Statement on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 Budget Address
01/21/20  LAS Statement in Response to NYPD Whistleblower Letter on “Subway Diversion Program”
01/21/20  Housing Maintenance Violations Decrease Following Historic Rent Reforms
01/15/20  NYCHA Residents Have Filed Over 130k Heat/Hot Water Outage Complaints this Season
01/14/20  NYC Defenders Applaud Speaker Heastie’s Support of Pretrial Reforms 
01/14/20  Response to Trump’s “Desperate” Appeal to Lift Order Blocking “Public Charge” Rule
01/13/20  NYCHA Residents Filed Nearly 60k Insect Complaints in Nine Months  Data File .xls
01/10/20  LAS Applauds Newly Adopted Reforms to NYS Juvenile Parole System
01/09/20 Joint Statement on State of the State, Defenders Urge Criminal Justice Reforms
01/08/20 Court Denies Trump Request to Lift Last Remaining Nationwide “Public Charge” Injunction
01/07/20 LAS Statement on Proposal to Ban New Yorkers with Past Conviction from Mass Transit
01/06/20 LAS Statement on NYPD Monthly Crime Briefing
01/06/20 Evictions in NYC Down Over 18% Since Rent Laws Enacted in June
01/02/20 Corey Stoughton Joins LAS as Head of Criminal Defense Special Litigation
01/01/20 Joint Statement from NYC Defenders on First Day of Historic Criminal Justice Reforms

December 2019

12/20/19 LAS Calls on NYCHA to Prevent Heat and Hot Water Outages During Holidays
12/19/19  LAS Statement on City Council Vote to Extend J-51 Tax Credit Program for Landlords
12/19/19  Immigrant Rights Advocates File First Federal Lawsuit to Block “Public Charge” Rules
12/17/19   LAS’s Worker Justice Project Expands to Queens
12/17/19   Statement from Counsel Representing Accused 13-Year-Old in Tessa Majors Case
12/13/19  LAS Hosts 36th Annual Holiday Party for Homeless and Other Vulnerable Children
12/11/19   Advisory: Press Conference and Rally to Announce “Erase the Database NYC” Campaign
12/05/19 LAS Urges Immigrants in Need of Vital Government Benefits to Continue Accessing Them
12/04/19 NYS DOCCS Cancels Warrant for Nicholas Feliciano
12/04/19 LAS Calls on City to Lift Visiting Limitations on Family of Nicholas Feliciano
12/04/19 LAS Statement on Nicholas Feliciano
12/03/19 LAS Praises NYS Attorney General for Supporting Litigation to Secure Rent Abatements
12/02/19 LAS Hosts American Bar Association President Judy Perry Martinez for Staff Visit
12/02/19 Defenders Urge Passage of Key Criminal Justice Reforms

November 2019

11/27/19 LAS Statement on Queens DA’s List of NYPD Officers with Adverse Credibility Findings
11/22/19 LAS Announces Jerome Greco as Supervising Attorney for Digital Forensics Unit
11/20/19 LAS Statement on Transgender Day of Remembrance
11/18/19  Data From NYPD Report Reaffirms Need for Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act
11/15/19  LAS Statement in Response to Staten Island Press Conference on Bail Reform
11/13/19  LAS Secures Destruction of Illegal Juvenile Fingerprint Database
11/12/19  LAS Calls on Bronx DA to Dismiss Charges Against Client Destin Burgess
11/06/19 Joint Statement on Trump’s False Dog-Whistle on People in Pre-Trial Detention
11/06/19 LAS Calls on DA-Elect Katz to Fulfill Campaign Promises
11/04/19 LAS Statement on NYPD Commissioner O’Neill Retirement, Appointment of Chief Shea

October 2019

10/30/19 LAS Statement on NYC BOC Proposed Rules to Regulate Housing Units at City Jails
10/29/19 LAS, Exonerated Five, Innocence Project, More Announce Reforms to Criminal Justice System
10/29/19 LAS Wins Case Upholding Right to Challenge Unfairly Inflated Misdemeanor Charges
10/29/19 LAS Honors Key Partners at 2019 Pro Bono Publico Awards Ceremony
10/28/19 LAS Statement on Latest Nunez Independent Federal Monitor Report
10/28/19 LAS Demands Vacatur for Michael Robinson, Client Exonerated by DNA Test
10/23/19 LAS Welcomes Fall 2019 Criminal Defense Practice Class
10/22/19 LAS Wins Appeals Reversal on Overcharge Case Involving Mailbox Fishing
10/22/19 LAS Statement on Delayed Vote Concerning Rules on Isolated Housing at Local Jails
10/21/19  LAS Wins Stay for Client with Terminal Cancer in NYCHA Eviction Case
10/21/19  LAS Calls for End to OCME DNA Index After Wrongful Arrest
10/17/19   LAS Urges Comprehensive Change to Treatment of People in Solitary and Lock Down
10/17/19   NYC Defenders Joint Statement on Rikers Island
10/16/19  Housing Justice for All Launches 2020 NYS Legislative Campaign With Statewide Day of Action
10/15/19  LAS Urges Immigrants in Need of Public Assistance Benefits to Continue Seeking Benefits
10/11/19   Judge Blocks “Public Charge” Immigration Rule From Going Into Effect
10/11/19   LAS Files Suit Against NYPD Officer Who Tased, Used Banned Chokehold on Client
10/10/19  LAS Launches Newly Redesigned Website to Better Serve Clients
10/09/19 LAS Calls on NYCHA to Terminate Eviction Proceedings Against Client with Cancer
10/08/19 LAS Calls on Albany to Enact Automatic Expungement Legislation
10/07/19  Immigrant Rights Groups in Court to Halt Public Charge Rule
10/06/19 LAS Statement on Trump’s Suspension of Immigrant Entry on Premise of Healthcare
10/05/19 Hundreds of Immigrant Youth at Risk of Deportation Due to Government Failure
10/04/19 LAS Praises Ruling That Highlights Flawed In-House DNA Software
10/03/19 LAS Lauds Court Decision in Ciaramella et al v. Zucker
10/03/19 LAS & Davis Polk Move to Exonerate Client Wrongfully Incarcerated for 26 Years
10/01/19 LAS Statement on Raise the Age Phase II Implementation
10/01/19 LAS Calls for Fast-Tracking of Capital Funding for NYCHA Utility Needs

September 2019

09/25/19 LAS Statement on Proposal Aimed at Simplifying New York Court System 
09/25/19 LAS, AG James and DA Gonzalez Seek to Halt ICE Arrests in Courthouses
09/24/19 Ahead of Hearing, Plan Requiring Working Homeless to Save 30% of Earnings Critiqued
09/23/19 Court Grants Motion to Intervene Allowing NYS Tenants to Join Baseless Lawsuit
09/18/19 LAS Statement on Gregory Edwards, Staten Islander who was Shot and Killed by NYPD
09/16/19 LAS Decries City’s Failure to Comply with Disclosure Laws on Alleged NYPD Misconduct 
09/12/19 NYC Community Groups Ask Judge to Halt “Public Charge” Immigration Rule
09/10/19 LAS Urges BOC to Deny Use of “Separation Status” at City Jails
09/09/19 NYIFUP Joint Statement on Opening of a New Immigration Court
09/09/19 LAS, Partners File Motion to Protect Housing Reforms
09/07/19 LAS Statement on Raise the Age Implementation Progress Report
09/05/19 LAS, Willkie File Appeal Against NYCHA Over Rent Rebates
09/03/19 LAS Secures $285,000 Settlement for Client’s Unpaid Wages

August 2019

08/29/19 LAS Statement on NYPD Reinstating Officer Darryl Schwartz
08/27/19  NYC Community Groups File “Public Charge” Lawsuit Over Trump Immigration Rule
08/27/19  Eric Garner’s Family and Police Accountability Advocates File for Judicial Inquiry
08/26/19 LAS Calls on DAs to Review All Cases Involving Disgraced NYPD Officer Darryl Schwartz
08/23/19 LAS Decries New Solitary Confinement Practice Implemented in City Jails
08/19/19  LAS Statement on NYPD Firing of Daniel Pantaleo
08/19/19  LAS Statement on New NYPD ICE Detainer Statistics
08/15/19  FOIL: OCME DNA Database Grows by 19,000 Samples in Two Years
08/12/19  Class Action Seals Hundreds of Old Marijuana Possession Convictions
08/12/19  LAS FOIL Disclosure on NYCHA Unplanned Heat/Hot Water Outages
08/12/19  LAS Statement on Trump Administration’s New Public Charge Regulations 
08/09/19 LAS Statement on NYPD Disproportionately Targeting People of Color for Fare Evasion
08/08/19 LAS Statement on Attempted ICE Raid at WIN Homeless Shelter in East New York
08/02/19 LAS Calls for Firing of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo

July 2019

07/31/19  LAS Statement on Legislation to Make Splashing Police Officers with Water a Felony
07/31/19  LAS Statement on the Biannual Report of Civil Allegations Against NYPD
07/30/19 LAS Statement on Layleen Polanco
07/29/19 LAS Statement on NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo Enacting Marijuana Decriminalization
07/27/19  LAS Calls on City to Provide Cold Water, Ice, Cooling to Protect Incarcerated New Yorkers
07/25/19 LAS Statement on NYPD Water Splashing Policy Memo
07/24/19 LAS Statement on Trump Policy to Fast-Track Deportations for Undocumented Immigrants
07/22/19 LAS Announces $13.1 Million Public Assistance Class Action Settlement
07/19/19 LAS Lauds Ruling Streamlining Custody Process for Children with Out of State Relatives
07/17/19  LAS Statement on Newly Discovered DNA Evidence in Michael Robinson Case